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Cumberland Island Inn & Suites at Kings Bay


Cumberland Island is 36,415 acres of which 16,850 are marsh, mud flats, and tidal creeks. The island is 17.5 miles long and 3 miles wide.

Cumberland Island is the home to sea turtles, abundant shore birds, dune fields, maritime forest, salt marshes, historic structures, wild horses, boar, deer, bobcat, and armadillos.

1765 - Was the earliest record of Dungeness

1881 - Cumberland Island was purchased by Thomas carnegie (younger brother to Andrew Carnegie, steel magnate).

1886 - Thomas Carnegie dies leaving all land and structures to his wife Lucy Carnegie. The main portion of Dungeness was completed just year prior to his death.

1898 - Plum Orchad mansion is constructed for Lucy Carnegie’s son George Launder Carnegie and his wife.

1901 - Greyfield House (now known as Greyfield Inn) was constructed for Lucy’s daughter Margaret “Retta” Carnegie and husband Oliver Garrison Ricketson.

1959 - Dungeness burns down due to larceny, no one was charged.

1970 - Electricity is brought to Cumberland Island from the mainland in anticipation of future development

1972 - National Park Service is established.